Proof exposing the UFOs, Aliens as Jinns, Demons[OVNIS, Djinns]

This video represents a strong proof which exposes the so called aliens/extraterrestrials as Jinns, shetans, demons, multi dimensional beings.

If you have a dog you have certainly noticed that sometimes your dog is terrified and bark against an invisible entity, you may think that your dog is mad but that’s absolutely not the case. Dogs have the ability to see the jinns under their true demonic form, they see frequencies that, we humans, cannot see.

In this episode, you’ll see a video of a skywatcher who filmed UFOs in the presence of his dog, inspite of the fact that the UFOs did not make any noise and were far higher in the sky than airplanes, the dog is totally terrified and seem to feel a real threat from these entities. Normally dogs do not even notice the noisy planes or what is high in the sky, this proves that UFOs are not mere flying saucers but are alive beings, multi dimensional beings, jinns who have taken the form of a flying saucer. The Jinns can take any form, they can even materialize several fake bodies at the same time.

The so called Aliens claim to be our creators, then who created them and this universe in which we all live?

Demonios – Blue Djinns (Genios o Demonios Azules)
Animal Reactions to UFOs—A Summary of the Evidence

Djinns on Popular Culture:
M.I.A. – Come Walk With Me (Lyric Video)


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